Car like a gas guzzler

Gas guzzler
Gas guzzler

It is certain that owning a car has plenty of advantages. Definitely we can say that it is a very useful and helpful invention. I would go even further and make a short statement: Nowadays car is a essential thing which every person on this planet should have to live properly. According to Wards, 980 million vehicles were registered in 2009, and last year that number reached 1 billion and 15 million cars. However, most of car users, especially young ones, have the same problem to deal with. That problem is fuel consumption. No matter if you have a diesel or a petrol car, fuel prices will always be on the top of your worries list.

A few things that make your car a Gas Guzzler

Have you ever wonder what can cause a higher fuel consumption in your car? I will give you a few simple answers, so read carefully:

– First of all, a short distance driving.
If you often run an engine be aware that before it reaches the right temperature, it uses a higher dose of fuel. It also might be bad for your engine’s condition. So from now on, when you have to get to the shop which is located comparatively not so far away from you, leave your car in the garage and go there by foot! You’ll save some money and our environment in the same time!

– Second of all, driving with low tire pressure.
Low tire pressure in your car will cause it to use more gas than normal. In this condition it takes more energy for your car to initially move and also to keep going. It has also an influence on our safety on the road because it decreases traction and vehicle stability. So try to check your tire pressure every week, even just to make sure that it is set as it should be.

– Thirdly, using low-profile tires.
Low profile tires are usually made of rubber compounds which cause higher rolling resistance. Generally they are wider than the standard wheel which cause an increase in fuel consumption.

-Fourthly, driving with luggage on the roof or with unnecessary luggage.
Everything that you have inside your car or on the roof makes it heavier. Obviously the heavier the car is the more fuel it needs. So check your car and throw out every unnecessary things to make it lighter. Do not use a roof rack if there is no need to do it.

– Fifthly, driving with the windows open.
It reduces aerodynamics of your car and it increases air resistance when the speed of our vehicle is over 100 km/h. That forces your car to use about 4% more fuel. So remember to drive with closed windows, and open them only if it is really necessary.

– Next thing, driving with the air conditioner on.
The air conditioner in your car can increase the fuel consumption up to 20% in some vehicles. It is because AC draws its power from the engine which uses gas. Driving with the air conditioner on is more fuel efficient than driving with the windows down, though. My advice for you is simple. Before you get into a hot car, roll down the windows and let the hot air out. It will help the car cool down much quicker, and your AC will not have to run for so long. You should also remember to switch off AC when you do not need to use it.

– Lastly, dirty air filter.
A common symptom of a dirty air filter is a decrease in gas mileage. It also can degrade the performance of the engine. Your car can emit more harmful chemicals into the atmosphere as well. So remember to change it when it should be changed!

As you see those simple things can cause a higher fuel consumption in our cars. Now, when fuel prices are higher than ever, we are starting to take precautions and do what we can to make our cars as economic as they can be. I hope that my short advices would give you an opportunity to save some money and would give you some satisfaction out of it. It works for me, so you should notice some difference in your wallet as well.

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