Why you should change winter tires to summer tires

Drivers who are living in the colder States of USA should change car tires twice each year – before winter and summer. Winter tires are designed for tough road conditions like snow or ice. Summer tires are prepared for heat and high temperatures.

Winter tire symbol
Winter tire symbol
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Winter tires

Winter tires are made with specific materials, which help car to drive safely on ice and snowy roads. Did you know that in winter breaking distance of a car moving with speed 30 mph on summer tires is 44 meters. On winter tires this distance falls down to 36 meters. This 8-metre difference between both types of tires it’s quite a lot. In some situations this difference can save your life.

Winter tires are usually marked with a snow symbol. They’re made with special low temperature resilient rubber and have deep treads that help to drive on ice and snow. Deep treads allow you to start easily up on a hill and maneuver in a deep snow. It’s impossible to do these actions quick and safe with summer tires.

What about places where winter is cold, rainy but there is no snow? Do drivers living there have to change their tires each winter and summer? Of course! The basic rule of winter tires is that you should use them if for longer period of time temperature is below 7°C and there is a lot of rain. Structure of winter tires will help you to drive safe and comfortable.

Remember that also 4X4 cars need to use winter tires. They have much better traction but still the winter performances of a 4X4 are different on winter and summer tires. You may also ask yourself – if winter tires are so good, why shouldn’t I use them whole year, even in summer? Well the answer is simple – no, you can’t. The structure of winter tires is not prepared for hot summer conditions.

Summer tires

In April or May, when the average daily temperatures are over 7°C you should think about changing winter tires to summer tires. They’re made with different rubber compounds and are optimized for a higher temperature range. As I said winter tires can’t be used in temperature higher than 7°C. Due to materials used in winter tires design, they tend to overheat and fail. You must know that winter tires are not typical speed-rated tires like summer ones. It means that they can’t handle the heat of higher speeds. Of course it doesn’t mean that they’ll blow up or something but they’ll be damaged. Heat is a worst enemy of a tire.

Of course you can risk and drive on winter tires 12 months on a year but you must know that you’ll have to change your tires completely sooner. So it’s always better to spend some money and change winter tires. You will feel the difference after few minutes of ride. They’re made with harder rubber, so they work better in higher temperatures. Their construction allows on a better water drain. Due to that a car has a much better traction, especially on bends. With summer tires you’ll feel safer and comfortable driving in summer months.

Choose the right size

When you need to buy new summer tires you must bear in mind few things. The most important is right size of tires. You’ll find information about correct size for your car in owners manual. Or you can just tell salesman what kind of car you’re driving. They should help you to choose right.

Choose tire tread

There’re few types of tire treads. You can choose between many tire producers from around the world. The most common tire treads are:

Symmetric tread pattern – the most common pattern. It features continuous ribs or independent tread blocks across the entire tread. Both inboard and outboard halves feature the same pattern. Due to that you can put them on the shaft in any position. That’s the biggest advantage of this pattern.

Asymmetric Tread Patterns – these tires on both sides of a car have different pattern. You can’t change them from one side to another (symmetric pattern allows to do that). Construction of this tire is high advanced. Outboard is built with harder rubber and it works much better on bends and in sudden stops. Unfortunately bigger tread cause bigger fuel consumption.

Directional Tread Patterns – this popular type of tread has a characteristic pattern with V letter in the middle. They have deep ditches so they can remove water very quickly. Due to that these types of tires is the best for difficult road conditions, on rainy days and on off-road races. Directional Tread Patterns tires are recommended for sports and premium cars.

As you can see, there are many types of tires. You can choose the one you need. Just think about in what conditions your car drive the most often and then just buy it.

Used tires

You can find many shops with used tires in good prices. But remember that only buying new tires you’ll get warranty certificate and of course the best quality. The choice is yours. We suggest to always buy a new one when the old tires are damaged.

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