Eco driving

Eco Driving
Eco Driving

Recycling, organic food, CSR – those concepts can decode any average person. Increasing number of people are aware of how the economy and the industry impact on our surrounding and nature. Global organizations, companies and associations are trying to implement various environmental programs and keep us from ecological disaster. In the environmental care are increasingly engaged automotive concerns. Puts more people on the ecological means of transport. Due to the growing demand for these types of vehicles, each major in the market brand cars, introduces to its offer cars powered by hydrogen fuels organic, electric motors or with hybrid drive. Unfortunately the price is not appealing to them buy for everyone. What to do if we can not afford ecological car? The best way to reduce your carbon dioxide emissions is to leave the car in the garage. Yes, you can change to another means of transport, ride a bike or go on foot. But it is not always possible take with you your family beloved dog and baggage consisting of several suitcases. Nowadays driving a car is often more a need than a luxury. Therefore, with the increase of eco – consciousness, Eco Driving was invented.

Eco Driving precursors are Finns. They began to promote it more than 10 years ago. At present, they teach the principles of Eco Driving on driving courses. The drivers from Scandinavia are considered to be the drivers with the highest culture of driving and excellent technical training of. Example might be motor sport riders from that region of Europe, who for years have been leaders of the rally routes are and racing.

How to drive eco and saving the environment and own wallet

CO2 emissions reduction
CO2 emissions reduction

This method of driving a car allows you to drive more economically and at the same time reduce CO2 emissions by up to 25%. The energy that is needed to ride the vehicle is often wasted by a number of behaviors and unwanted activities for which almost every driver is affected. However, there are ways to combine saving the environment and your wallet, without requiring many sacrifices. An average driver who wants to get lower fuel consumption does not have to follow all the Eco Driving rules. Often, peaceful ride and the ability to anticipate various situations on the road is sufficient.
Here are some rules that is worth to use to make your car ride more ecological:

• Start the engine without pressing the accelerator pedal.
• Accelerate in a dynamic way and as far as possible, keep the engine speed low and constant speed. Eco Driving does not necessarily mean slow driving style.
• Switch off the engine at each long stop and give up the engine heating before driving, even in winter
• The air conditioner is the biggest Devourer of energy from on-board equipment. So try as rarely as possible and as briefly as possible to use the air conditioning, for example, to evaporate windshield, then you can disable it.
• Avoid unnecessary burden.
• Choose a two wheel drive. A car’s engine works harder to power a vehicle with an all-wheel drive.
• Take care of appropriate tire pressure or use energy efficient. tires
• During driving close the windows, and tiltable roof, that will increase the aerodynamics of the car.
• Take care of the competent technical condition of the car. Not only would this affect to reduce fuel consumption but also will improve your safety.
• Avoid driving short distances – you will save money, protect environment and burn a few calories at the same time 😉
• Anticipate situations on the road and expect to ride in order to avoid unnecessary acceleration and braking. Any such action causes extra fuel consumption.

When you will follow these guidelines, there is nothing else, how to practice peaceful ride and safely drive. Sacrifices is few and we will feel the benefits at the first refueling. So let’s go ECO.

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