Is it worth it to decide on used tires?

Is it worth it to decide on used tires?
Is it worth it to decide on used tires?

They can cost up to half as much as new tires, or buy used tires for sure is profitable?

Some drivers instead of buying new tires decide to buy used tires. Offer tires on the other hand is poorer than that which offer specialized stores with new products. Car owners can not so freely choose the brands, models and sizes of tires. Also, the status of available products is varied.

Inadequate tire age

Most of the tire can be safely operated for five years from date of manufacture. On the side wall of the tire, the DOT code is followed by four digits. They indicate the week and year in succession in which the product was made (eg code 3209 is located on the tire manufactured in the 32nd week of 2009). In the state of tires affects not only age, but also the way its exploitation, storage and maintenance. When considering the purchase of used tires worth taking into account all these factors.

Too low tread

The tread of the new tire is 8-10 mm. Check it allows professional depth, but also works well caliper. Some manufacturers use special markings partial tire wear as a marker TWI or thickening in the grooves. Attrition these sites is tantamount to the fact that the tire is losing quality. The height of the tire tread used is worth checking the place where the tire is the most consumed; This will only realistically assess her condition. Measure it, for example, only the side of the tires can not be a complete picture of the state of the product. Minimum tread, where you can ride without exposing themselves to the mandate, according to the Code Road 1.6 mm. Guarantee of safe driving, however, give a tread height of not less than 4 mm.

Uneven tread wear

In addition to the amount of tread is also important way of consumption. His uneven operation (start the side edge of the tire or disproportionate wear the tires, so-called) may indicate a bad suspension geometry, sudden braking, improper or careless balancing wheel manufacturer’s recommended pressure.

Appropriate state tire tread
Appropriate state tire tread

Damage to tires

Microdamages are a natural thing in the case of used tires. It must be remembered that any bulges, cracks, blisters often associated with the need for replacement tires. Parts of damage to the driver is not able to see with the naked eye. They give themselves felt only during the detailed inspection of the vulcanizer or while driving. Especially dangerous is a violation of tire construction. It can result in downloading the car while driving, steering vibration, resulting in failure of the wheel. It is worth remembering that the driver used tires buyer usually does not have a longer guarantee on tires. Thus, in the case of default, previously undiscovered defects can not assert their rights.

Poorly stored tires

All parameters in the operation and safety of tires sold retain up to 3 years from date of manufacture. This is guaranteed by the company adhering to the Polish standard PN-C94300-7 on packaging, storage and transportation of tires. It is worth remembering that even exchanged after season tires must be properly stored. The best part is airy place, which is kept at a constant temperature and there is no exposure to sunlight. Improper tire stored threatens to undermine its driveability.

Is it profitable to invest in new tires?

Deciding to buy new tires driver gaining their quality and optimum performance. Tires are perfectly matched in terms of both size and speed category. The owner also receives a guarantee which gives him protection in the event of disclosure of factory defects.

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